Squatters in Narnia?

Disturbing news from the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) – as an Edinburgh man’s gift to his son is challenged by the estate of C.S. Lewis, author of the Narnia Chronicles.

A certain Mr. Saville-Smith purchased the domain www.narnia.mobi for his child so he could have “one of the coolest e-mail addresses in the world.” Now, he accuses the estate of C.S. Lewis of being mean and says that the famous author must be “spinning in his grave”.

Okay, but I have a few problems with this story – only some of which point to Mr. Saville-Smith being a cyber-squatter. First, whoever@narnia.mobi is, plainly, not the coolest e-mail address in the world – and will probably get your child serious spam mail and cyber-bullying in no time at all.

Second, why did you also buy TheQueen.mobi and USPresident.mobi – unless you were also planning prezzies for Liz and George?

Third, if that’s the only reason you bought the domain, then why are you currently hosting ads on it? And, why, if this is a gift for a 10 year old child is one of the paid ads on the site a link to “The Ruin” website (tagline: terror has evolved) with its restricted content? Just a thought.

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