Increasingly, the law operates using technology. IT is everywhere: from lodging motions by e-mail to digital signatures for commercial contracts and from scanning writs to excellent legal websites all about Scots law.

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Review of Absolvitor: Scots Law Online

This is a recent entry to the still rather limited number of Scottish legal websites. The author, and for all I know, the owner is Iain Nisbet, a Scottish solicitor. The attractively designed site opens with a tightly drawn page that would have been too busy had the whole site not been so well thought out.

That page takes you to wherever you want to go. You can go to a law firms index (interestingly done by subject area as well as the usual A to Z), links to a variety of service providers germane to law or click for lists of links to legal websites.

Then there is a miscellany of other resources. Through a link up with, you can browse through selected videos and DVDs (in case you haven’t seen it enough, “Twelve Angry Men” is out now on DVD!) all with a legal theme. There is also a news section.

Finally, and surely not to rival this column, the site offers to review other law websites and give awards depending on how good they are. My award is below. Just as well I don’t have a website. This site is in its early stages. It deserves to succeed.

Speed **** (4/5)
Usefulness to practitioners **** (4/5)
Usefulness to non-practitioners ** (2/5)
Site design ***** (5/5)
Ease of use **** (4/5)
Updating frequency **** (4/5)

Derek O'CarrollThis review was written by Derek O’Carroll, advocate and first appeared in the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland in April 2002. It is used with permission. Please read our disclaimer.