Statute Law

Statute law is “black letter law” and essential to any lawyer. Here’s where to find the latest legislation online.

Scottish Statute Law

Scottish Parliament: the website of the Scottish Parliament was “constructed at a far lower cost than the notorious Parliament building itself, but is no less impressive for all that.”
The Journal, November 2004

UK Legislation which apples in Scotland: all UK Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments (from 1988 onwards) and any accompanying Explanatory Notes and Explanatory Memoranda, which apply exclusively or primarily to Scotland.

UK Statute Law

  • UK Statute Law Database: “an online version of those annoying loose-leaf periodicals which keep track of legislation as it is amended and updated, but it takes up less space
    and is absolutely free! [However] it is not yet totally up-to-date …”
    The Journal, February 2007

Office of Public Sector Information: “one of the most useful websites on the legal web … now new and improved. .. a brilliant website.”
The Journal, February 2008

Westminster Parliament:
“for some more in depth analysis of the work of the House (and especially its MPs) and more interactive participation, try as well.”
The Journal, August 2007

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