Sheriff Officers

Famously, sheriff officers were described by Tommy Sheridan as “Rottweilers in suits”, qualifying this observation only by noting that many Rottweilers were often better behaved! Nonetheless, if serving writs or debt recovery is what you need, then these are the links for you …

Sheriff Officers and Messengers-at-Arms

SMASO Society of Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers “… is the organisation which represents the interests of officers of court in Scotland. The background page details the role and purpose of the sheriff officer and messenger-at-arms and gives an illuminating history of the profession (which evolved from the pre-feudal office of Mair, by all accounts). There is also .. a directory of .. members, which can be indexed by location ..” The Journal, March 2004

AA Hutton A.A. Hutton “There is a lot of useful information available in one format or another, the navigation is relatively straightforward and the site has features that aim to be useful and/or instructive to either creditor and/or debtor (and their respective legal agents).” The Journal, March 2004

Alex M Adamson Alex M. Adamson – a very informative website, shame about the hideous colour scheme (which makes it difficult to read).

Stirling Park “The pick of the bunch this month is the Stirling Park website. It boasts some nice, crisp, clean design but, more importantly, has the most useful content of any of Scotland’s sheriff officers’ websites.” The Journal, March 2004

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