Trust Management Companies

Making the setting up and running of a trust much simpler, whether it’s for a relative or to manage a compensation award tax effectively, these guys can help.

Cairn Trust ManagementCairn Trust Management: “The site … differentiates between information targeted at individuals who may be interested in setting up a trust, and solicitors or others whose clients may be – with a separate “Professionals” section.” The Journal, July 2010

Capita Fiduciary Group: “This firm seems to deal with three things: corporate trusts, personal trusts and pension trustees. And it gives nice, brief explanations of all three areas and some of the subdivisions.”  The Journal, July 2010

MencapMencap Trust Company: “… the company manages special discretionary trusts set up for people with a learning disability.” 
The Journal, July 2010

ProTrusteeProfessional Controller & Trustee Services Ltd: The site includes “… a lengthy exposition (in small font size) of the law in this area.  A fairly poor effort overall.”  The Journal, July 2010

UNiversal Trust CorporationUniversal Trust Corporation: “The explanation of the different types of trusts they deal with and why you might want one is very clear, and is set out in a way which doesn’t make your eyes hurt.”  The Journal, July 2010

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