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The Website

Absolvitor: Scots Law Online is a portal for everything to do with Scots Law. One of the most comprehensive and detailed collections of links in Scots Law, together with Scotland’s most engaging blawg and regular updates from my Yell.com solicitors blog and website reviews from the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland.

Absolvitor: Scots Law Online can also be found lurking in a hidden corner of facebook. Please come and find me.

The Banner Picture

The picture used is by Victorian librettist W.S. Gilbert, which is signed by him under his childhood name “Bab”. It was published in Songs of a Savoyard, a collection of illustrations which accompanied lines from various Gilbert & Sullivan comic operas.

This particular picture accompanies the line “So I fell in love with a rich attorney’s elderly ugly daughter” which is in the Judge’s song from Trial by Jury.  I once played the part of a juryman in Trial with the Helensburgh Savoy – and jolly good fun it was too.