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Holyrood 2016 – Manifestos on civil justice

Just time before the election for a quick review of the parties’ views on various topics related to civil justice – based on my own skim reading of the manifestos. First, some areas of agreement.  Both Labour and SNP are … Continue reading

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Devolution in the UK

I have just sent off my submission to the Commons Select Committee on Political and Constitutional Reform in response to their inquiry on the future of devolution in the United Kingdom, in the light of the referendum result. The Committee’s … Continue reading

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Human Rights for the Commonwealth

So, the Queen today signed the new Commonwealth Charter, which for the first time in its 64 years history sets out a common vision, values and aims for the organisation, which represents one third of the world’s population. The document … Continue reading

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House of Lords Reform Bill

“It so happens that if there is an institution in Great Britain which is not susceptible of any improvement at all, it is the House of Peers!” So says Lord Mountararat in Gilbert & Sullivan‘s classic light opera, “Iolanthe”.  But … Continue reading

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The last of the manifestos (with dolphins)

And so last – but not least – it is time to run the rule over the civil justice proposals from the manifesto of the Scottish Green Party, who have serious aspirations to increase their number of MSPs as the … Continue reading

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More manifestos on civil justice etc.

Today, it’s the turn of the Scottish National Party and the Scottish Socialist Party … Scottish National Party Easily the biggest manifesto of the bunch, complete with “what I did this Parliament” style scrapbook section.  But what of the proposals … Continue reading

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Manifestos on civil justice etc.

As you will no doubt be aware, the campaign for the 2011 Scottish Parliamentary election is now underway.  As far as I can see, not all of the manifestos have been launched yet, but I thought I start with those … Continue reading

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Please state your destination …

The latest newsletter from the Scottish branch of NO2ID carries an article titled “Scotland’s Back-Door ID Card Battle”, which notes that the SNP were vigorous opponents of ID cards in opposition. However, it goes on to suggest that the various … Continue reading

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Bring back the belt!

An old chestnut, perhaps, but one which does have a habit of returning with unerring regularity.  The Herald reports that UKIP Scotland are calling for a return of corporal punishment to our schools, in an attempt to restore discipline and … Continue reading

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Please do not Google bomb this …

I note, merely in passing, that if one types the search terms ‘paul mcbride qc’ into Google, the fourth website returned is my article “Paul McBride QC – Absurd Election Broadcast”. Continue reading

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