Govan Law Centre is Scotland’s Top Legal Website

According to research conducted by Scots Law blogger Jonathan Mitchell QC, Govan Law Centre is ranked by Alexa as the top Scots Law website in all of cyberspace, ranking ahead of such sites as the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland; Faculty of Advocates; Scottish Law Commission and The Firm Magazine.

An employee of Govan Law Centre (i.e. me) was reported to have said – “Woo hoo!”

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2 Responses to Govan Law Centre is Scotland’s Top Legal Website

  1. Mike says:

    I second that woo hoo! Brilliant.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Sorry if I didn’t make this post as clear as I should- it was the ‘top site’ among those I chose for comparisons, but there are other Scots legal sites with higher Alexa traffic rankings, such as Scotcourts and the Law Society. Best wishes!

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