Pinball Pirates

Gamezine is reporting that Topware Interactive have won a court case against four people for illegal file-sharing.

The downloaders were fined 750 pounds each, with a further 2,000 pounds in costs, for uploading Dream Pinball 3D to torrent sites.

As Topware’s solicitors have obtained disclosure orders for a further 1,000 names from internet service providers, more litigation is expected.

David Gore, one of Topware’s solicitors, said “Copyright owners spend millions of pounds developing copyright works for sale to the public for their enjoyment and yet many think it is acceptable to obtain the work illegally and for free by procuring a copy on a peer-to-peer network.”

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1 Response to Pinball Pirates

  1. Solicitors Kent says:

    This whole issue is very interesting. I suppose it is a type of theft although people don’t always see it like that. At the same time I’m not sure if taking legal action against potential customers is the best idea – but maybe they feel like they don’t have a choice.

    People should be encouraged to pay and not file share in this way, and technology should be developed to make it impossible.

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