One Referendum or Two?

Some interesting thoughts on a Scottish independence referendum in this post on the Little Man in a Toque blog. Describing Scotland’s membership of the United Kingdom as “conditional” rather than “integral and perpetual”, the question is posed: how many referendums (referenda?) would be required to effect independence?

Would there be a requirement for one to begin negotiations (a side issue: with whom would Scotland be negotiating, the United Kingdom? England? England, Wales & Northern Ireland?) and another on the concluded terms of those negotiations?

For what it’s worth, it seems to me that there would need to be a second plebiscite, otherwise the first would be the constitutional equivalent of signing a blank cheque.

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1 Response to One Referendum or Two?

  1. Oliver Smith says:

    Yes, there should be two referenda (I believe that is the correct plural for referendum). The terms of any negotiations (assuming the first one is a yes vote) must be put to the people of Scotland. To do anything else would sit at odds with the SNP philosophy that the people of Scotland have the right to choose their constitutional future.

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