Scottish Sheep “funded terrorism”

A peculiar one this, but if it’s true then never again will I scoff at the requirement to run money laundering checks on clients who seem unlikely candidates for organised criminals. It seems even our four-legged friends are getting in on the act!

Blogger on the “War on Terror” Minstrel Boy makes the following claim about the 2005 London “7/7” bombings, which I reproduce exactly for you to make of what you will:

“After the July 2005 London transit bombings, police knocked on the door of a sheep farmer in Scotland to inquire about a livestock deal gone sour. The farmer, Blair Duffton, confirmed that he had lost more than £200,000 when he sent several truckloads of sheep to a slaughterhouse in Leeds, England, but never received payment.

“The slaughterhouse specialized in halal meat, or food prepared according to Islamic law. Detectives informed Duffton that the person who had stiffed him for the sheep was an associate of Shehzad Tanweer, one of three bombers who had lived in Leeds.

” “I almost went bankrupt,” Duffton recalled in a telephone
interview. “I couldn’t believe it when they told me that this might have been connected to terrorism.”

“British authorities have not commented publicly on the sheep scam or said if any of the proceeds were used to finance the attacks. Three men accused of providing support to the suicide bombers are currently on trial in London.”

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