Police misused anti-terror powers

The 83 year old protester who was stopped and searched under the Terrorism Act for wearing an anti-Blair t-shirt has had his complaint against police upheld.

John Catt was searched by police at the Labour Party Conference in 2005 in Brighton armed with nothing more dangerous than a sketch pad and felt tip pens.

Three years later, the Independent Police Complaints Commission has upheld his complaint that Sussex Police acted unlawfully by using the Terrorism Act to stop him.

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1 Response to Police misused anti-terror powers

  1. Oliver Smith says:

    Powers granted to authorities for the purpose of fighting terrorism and other serious and organised crime are being abused far too often. One can also look at how powers under the <>Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000<> are being abused.At least the IPCC has had the good sense to uphold this complaint. The police and other authroties might get the message that such powers exits to be used and not abused.

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