The Cost of Equality

So, other than Gavin Henson’s return to first team rugby with the Ospreys, what else has caught my eye today?

Well, Mark Irvine of Action 4 Equality has discovered that the cost to Glasgow City Council of all the “independent” lawyers advising equal pay claimants on their compromise agreements back in 2005 was a hefty £347,477.76 – quite a pay packet. Fortunately, the Council made doubly sure that they were paying the female lawyers the same rate as their male colleagues.

I also came across an equal pay campaign initiated by the Conservative party (sic) which reveals that over a lifetime the cost of being female in lost wages alone is £300,000! (And that’s before you add in the price of killer heels and matching handbag for the interview.) The campaign’s slogan, “Women – Like men, only cheaper.” is a good one in that it’s not at all open to misinterpretation or innuendo.

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