Another placing request victory!

Royal Blind School

Hot on the heels of my own heroic efforts in the case of M. v. Aberdeenshire Council and Campbell Smith‘s class size busting case in East Lothian Council, Petitioners, comes another parental victory in a placing request appeal to the Sheriff.

It has been reported that a couple from Helensburgh have secured a place at the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh. Argyll & Bute Council had insisted that the child’s current placement at Hermitage Academy(declared interest – I was once, actually twice, a pupil there) was more suitable for her.

It turns out that they were wrong and – if the allegations made by the parents in The Scotsman are accurate – also dishonest, corrupt and malicious.

I have not read the judgement as yet, but I imagine that the (unnamed) lawyer’s claim that this case will set a precedent is a little on the optimistic side.

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