Scots lawyers in Gaza

According to the International Middle East Media Centre, a group of international legal personalities from Ireland and Scotland visited eastern parts of the Gaza Strip on Sunday, mainly in the southern Khan Younis city, observing the damage caused by continuous Israeli army actions in such a border area.

The visit, according to local organizers, was aimed at observing the amount of suffering Palestinian residents face due to the frequent Israeli attacks. The Gaza Youth Development Society, the principal organizer, reported that the delegation talked directly to the local inhabitants.

Emad Asfour, the society’s head, called on the delegation to convey what they witnessed in Gaza to their countries, so an international mobility can be maintained for the sake of ending the suffering of Gaza’s population under the Israeli blockade and actions. For example, it is reported that the eastern border areas of Gaza adjacent to Israel have been frequently exposed to Israeli army actions such as shooting heavily and razing large areas of farm lands.

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