Facebook pupils excluded

A number of female pupils have been excluded from Grey Coat Hospital School in London in relation to an abusive facebook page about a teacher. The group was called “The Hate Society” and 29 girls
signed up as members of the group.

They were all excluded from school for between 2 and 15 days, and the group has since been removed. The teacher concerned is said to be receiving counselling.

The Headteacher was reported as saying: “We can confirm that a number of pupils have been given fixed term exclusions for between two and 15 days after the school became aware of their involvement in a hate campaign about a member of staff using an open facebook group.”

“While the offending material has been removed from the website, the school’s decision to exclude these pupils temporarily was not taken lightly and has been designed to send a strong message to our whole school community that we do not tolerate such behaviour.”

“The vast majority of parents who have been to see me about this incident are supportive of the school and understand why we have taken firm disciplinary action.”

So, pupils who hate their teachers (an uncommon breed, I understand) would be best advised to keep their thoughts to the playground and not publish them online.

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