ABS, Spoon Boy and The Matrix

Don’t forget to check out Mike Dailly’s new blog in The Firm Magazine. Entertainingly titled “Dailly’s Weekly Blog” it kicks off with an attack on proposals to introduce ABS (Alternative Business Structure) to the legal profession in Scotland, concluding (with a crescendo) in labelling the SNP Justice Secretary Mr. Kenneth MacAskill “spoon boy”!

LOL! (As I believe they say in cyberspace). It is believed that this is the first time that any serving member of the Scottish Government has been compared to a character in The Matrix. (Although, in a certain light Fiona Hyslop looks a bit like Carrie-Anne Moss). Presumably, Mr. MacAskill will remember that – there is no spoon. Also that Matrix Chambers are English barristers and, therefore not subject to Scottish legislation.

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1 Response to ABS, Spoon Boy and The Matrix

  1. Mike Dailly says:

    Not even light refracted through one million prisms, warped through a worm hole, and bounced off the shoulder of Orion could make Fiona Hyslop MSP look like Carrie Anne Moss! Lol.

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