Buckfast Tonic Whine

According to BBC News, Glasgow City Council and South Ayrshire Council are facing legal action over claims they discriminate against shops which sell Buckfast Tonic Wine.

J Chandler & Co, which distributes the popular drink, said it had evidence officials in Glasgow and South Ayrshire had singled out the product. Both authorities have denied the claim and said they had always acted in accordance with licensing laws.

J Chandler & Co will seek a judicial review of the actions of both licensing boards at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

Spokesman Jim Wilson, is quoted as saying: “They shouldn’t be discussing or alluding to particular products, so why is Buckfast being targeted? We are taking legal action because this has got to stop.”

“We know what Glasgow licensing board is up to. They’re using euphemisms to refer to Buckfast and we are not prepared to let this continue. This is not sabre-rattling.”

According to my extensive Internet research, one of the more popular euphamisms for Buckfast is “electric soup”.

I suspect the only people who will get any “buck(s) fast” out of this will be counsel for the opposing sides!

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