Get Naked to Cut Teen Pregnancies!

The Herald reports on a novel solution to the thorny problem of teenage pregnancies – more nudity!

This counter-intuitive suggestion comes as part of a formal submission to the Scottish Government on child welfare – courtesy of the British Naturist Society.

According to Andrew Welch, of the British Naturist Society: “There is strong evidence that conventional attitudes towards the human body contribute significantly to a wide range of problems, some of them serious – but there is incredible reluctance to face the implications.”

“Westminster Government figures published recently show that the UK has the worst teenage pregnancy figures of any country in Europe, while the figures are even worse in Scotland. The UK is probably the most censorious country in Europe about anything to do with the body.”

“This pattern of less body tolerance, worse outcomes is repeated across the Western world. Our research shows conclusively that this is no chance connection.”

“Governments, authority figures and social and community leaders should accept that the human body is not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about and that being more open about it would benefit society. The evidence is clear but there is incredible reluctance to face the implications. It is time to leave prejudices behind and do what is right for the young people of this country.”

Posted on Absolvitor: Scots Law Online

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