In Yon Shady Glen

I am up far too late as my good friend T. plied me with too much caffiene-filled cola drink after 8pm – which means I can’t sleep (a bit like the Mogwai in Gremlins – sort of).

So, I will bring you news of a legal defeat for the Scotch Whisky Association in the Canadian courts. The Canuck judiciary have ruled that Canada’s only single malt “Glen Breton Rare” is not confusing for consumers. The SWA contended that the use of the word “Glen” might fool people into thinking that it was a Scotch whisky and not a Canadian one.

However, the Canadian Federal Court held that, being from Glenville, they could legitimately use the title – which was not likely to confuse punters (until they had drunk at least four or five measures at any rate). Leave to appeal has been refused and the SWA, in an official press release, report themselves to be “disappointed”.

Posted on Absolvitor: Scots Law Online while listening to La Mer by Charles Trénet.

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