Have you ever seen Dumbarton Rock?

Dumbarton Sheriff Court

Dumbarton Sheriff Court (Crown Copyright)

That august publication, the Lennox Herald, reports that the High Court will, as of 22nd February 2010 sit in Dumbarton for the first time.

The Scottish Court Service confirms that Dumbarton has been added to the High Court circuit for the West of Scotland for 2010. The plan is for the High Court to visit Dumbarton five times this year but this will “depend on demand”.

Of course, as an anonymous advocate once told a colleague of mine, there’s just one problem with hearing cases in Dumbarton – it’s a sh**hole!

It does remind me of a joke I told at least once a day during my second year at law school, while commuting between Helensburgh and Glasgow. Have you ever seen Dumbarton Rock? No, but I’ve seen Auchenshuggle!

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