Motorist Snot Guilty

I see from a number of blogs (mostly from India, for some reason) Michael Mancini has evaded justice.

As you may remember, Mr. Mancini was the motorist issue with a £60 fixed penalty notice for not being in control of his vehicle while blowing his nose in a traffic jam. Outraged, he refused to pay.

He was prepared to face the judgement of the court but prosecutors in Ayrshire decided to take no further action. He is quoted as saying “I’m relieved it’s now all behind me and I’ve cleared my name. I was determined to fight this and go to court because I know I did nothing wrong,”

It was also reported that the police officer who issued out the notice has earned the nickname “PC Shiny Buttons” for his over-zalous approach to policing. This is the same man, apparently, who last year issued a £50 fixed penalty to a man who accidentally dropped a £10 note in the street.

Of course, that guy’s not my favourite policeman. No, that would be these guys …

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  1. R.A.C.E. says:

    ha ha ha Great article!!!

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