An apostrophe astray?

I am pleased to be able to let you know that my latest Journal website review is ready for your consumption.  It is titled “New look for the young” and is all about the new website of the Scottish Young Lawyer’s Association.  On submission, the editor pointed out to me the misused apostrophe in the SYLA’s own title, but I was much to polite to point that out in public.

An extract:

Overall, this is a decent website, built by kit and a little untidy around the edges, but perfectly acceptable for all that. It has an annoying (and non-accessible) habit of using the word “here” for many of the internal links and does sometimes take you by surprise by leaping without warning to an external site. These are, however, quite common faults and should be easy to fix. Please fix them, young lawyers, they are spoiling your (otherwise very good) website.

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