Hot air weaponry

More marginalia from the Scotland Bill.  Section 11 would give the Scottish Parliament legislative competence in relation to air weapons.  Specifically, it would give Ministers the power to require a licence to use an airgun or even to prohibit them altogether.

The SNP have been calling for tighter controls on air weapons for some years now and once the legislation is passed (c. 2015) it seems likely that some additional controls will be introduced in Scotland.  It also seems likely that the restrictions will be tighter north of the border than in England and Wales.

What does not seem likely, however, is that this will lead to the installation of border patrols along the line of Hadrian’s Wall.

But that is the faintly ridiculous line being pedalled by the Countryside Alliance and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation.  In an article featured in Shooting UK, the Countryside Alliance’s shooting campaign manager is quoted as being of the view:

“If licensing is introduced, there would be a very real chance of border controls and restrictions on free flow of general trade.”

No.  There would be precisely no chance of that happening.  Idiot.

Unless that’s part of the SNP’s dastardly plan to introduce independence by the back door?

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