More Sheridan shenanigans

So, Tommy Sheridan has been released from prison after serving one year of a three year sentence.  And thus the well loved politician returns to entertain and agitate.

He is to be electronically tagged for the final six months of his sentence (on home release).  To my mind there is really no need for him to be tagged like some ned with an ASBO.  If the aim is to ensure that he does not abscond or to confirm his whereabouts, then surely the tag is irrelevant – as he is sure to be monitored night and day by news media organisations large and small for pretty much the whole period.

Stories of a gag order proved to be short-lived and Tommy has expressed a desire to participate in the independence referendum debate.  Further, he has indicated that he intends to launch an appeal against his conviction on the back of prejury prosecutions of witnesses who gave evidence against him in his own perjury trial.

This seems to me to be inherently unlikely as a development, but would be strangely appropriate for this already vaguely farcical tale.  Just what is the penalty prescribed in law for commiting perjury in a perjury trial?  And how does one prove that someone lied about you lying in a trial to show that you lied in a proof about whether a newspaper lied about you or not?

But if, by some chance, Strathclyde Police do decide to resurrect the Sheridan circus then rest assured that Absolvitor will be there to not quite cover it.

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1 Response to More Sheridan shenanigans

  1. Andrew says:

    The simple fact – as far as I’m aware – is that the statute (s15 of the 2005 Act) requires all those in Tommy Sheridan’s position to be subject to a tag in order to monitor the obligatory curfew. Doesn’t make sense to depart from the law just because the Daily Record is camping out across the street.

    Don’t worry – I’m sure he’s loving it really. A bigger cross for him to bear.

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