law will eat itself

Tommy Sheridan dans un meeting de Solidarity, ...

Tommy Sheridan dans un meeting de Solidarity, près d’Edimbourg, en février 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Very exciting news that the Tommy Sheridan pantomime is to continue. The former editor of the News of the World Scotland, Bob Bird, has been charged in connection with Tommy Sheridan’s defamation action.

He has been charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice over Mr Sheridan’s successful action against the newspaper in 2006.  I don’t mean to worry anyone, but I think that we may have entered into some form of perpetual litigation machine – in which each round of court action is followed by at least one more.

As Mr. Bird intends to deny the charges, presumably there will be at least one more instance of perjury to follow up from this trial, which will allow Sheridan and/or News International to appeal again … ad infinitum.

And absolvitor will be there to report sporadic trivia.

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