Jurors’ Names and Addresses in Public Domain?

A concerning post on William Beck’s “SCCRC Deny Justice” website. (Worth visiting if only for the Billy Joel soundtrack!)

By all accounts, Mr. Beck has been informed by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission that in revealing Jurors’ Names and Addresses to him (I assume these are same jurors who once tried and convicted Mr. Beck?) they have acted properly as the information is “in the public domain” being held by National Archives of Scotland.

I imagine that this will be both a surprise and a matter of concern for anyone called as a juror. In the meantime, Mr. Beck has taken SCCRC at their word and posted the juror’s names and addresses on his Flickr page.

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1 Response to Jurors’ Names and Addresses in Public Domain?

  1. Oliver Smith says:

    This is indeed very concerning. How can jurors possibly discharge thier duty if their names and addresses are to be made public? Surly this undermines the criminal justice system entirly? It opens jurors up to the possibility of revenge attacks for persons who they have convicted (either wrongfully or correctly).

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