Save Pollok Park

The Scottish Ministers have decided (on 3rd September) not to call in an application by Go Ape! to build an adventure playground in Pollok Park and have sent it back to Glasgow City Council. The volume of objections is not technically allowable as a reason to review the planning decision – so campaigners are now at the stage of challenging the Council’s legal competence to grant a lease at all.

Campaigners argue that the Council had no legal right to approve in principle a lease for Go Ape! in Feb 2007 and the Councillors were misinformed at the Committee which did this.

A solicitor on behalf of Save Pollok Park wrote in April 2008 to the City Council, reminding them that the disposition of Pollok to the Council prohibits developments such as Go Ape! without the agreement of the National Trust for Scotland and the Maxwell family.

It has further been argued that Pollok falls within the definition of “Common Good” and that the Council has failed so far to place it on the Common Good register.

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