Gordon’s Den bashes bingo!

Bingo blog Unlucky for Some reports that the future of land based bingo clubs in Scotland are now at serious risk. Bingo players throughout Scotland are said to be very concerned with the present situation after the UK Government “in their infinite wisdom” raised the tax duty on land based bingo from 15% (Young and Keen) to 22% (Two Little Ducks) across the board. However, other gaming sectors like sports betting and casinos only have to pay 15% tax.

Stewart Hosie MP is quoted as saying, “This tax hike on bingo which is a highly popular social activity, when duty on other forms of gambling including sports betting, casino and online poker and football pools will remain at 15% is unfair. In scores of communities across Scotland, the bingo club is a vital part of the social fabric. It offers good quality, safe entertainment and social facilities providing fun, enjoyment and friendship for many people, particularly women. This Westminster tax-hike in the midst of the deepest recession for more than 60 (Six-O Blind Sixty) years will affect many in my constituency and across Scotland.”

Posted on Absolvitor: Scots Law Online.

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