Surveillance Nation

I note from browsing human rights and anti-terror law blog, The Lift that a report commissioned by the Scottish Government has called for an immediate review of the funding of CCTV cameras. The report reports that the cost of operating the snooping devices over the next three years is more than 40 Million pounds. It also points out that there has been little research into their effectiveness in preventing crime and disorder.

Apparently, there are about 2,200 CCTV cameras in public spaces such as city centres, parks and shopping centres across Scotland (except Aberdeenshire, which has none).

And, according to the Telegraph, in London just one crime is solved a year by every 1,000 CCTV cameras. As the leader quite pointedly asks: “If they do not stop crime or catch criminals, what are they for?”

Posted on Absolvitor: Scots Law Online.

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