I Cannae Find Ye

Oh dear. A valuable painting by Scottish watercolourist Tom Scott has been stolen from the Signet Library, home of the WS Society.

The painting, “I Cannae Hear Ye” is thought to have been taken over the Christmas holiday period from its home in Parliament Square off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

The library hosted a New Year party for approx. 200 people and some time between then and 5 January, the watercolour (worth up to £4,000) went missing.

Lothian and Borders Police are quoted as saying: “This has been an opportunistic theft of a relatively expensive piece of artwork, and we are eager to ensure it is returned to the library.”

According to Wikipedia, Tom Scott (1854-1927) was born in Selkirk. Known as the “Borders Painter”, his historical paintings reflect his lifelong interest in the archaeology and history of the area. His highly accomplished work is mainly depictions of the landscapes of Southern Scotland, and illustrative tableaux derived from local Legend and story.

Drawing from both the Arts and Crafts movement and the work of the Romantic School, he is however, little known outside of Scotland, where he has a loyal (but not necessarily honest) following.

Posted on Absolvitor: Scots Law Online.

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