Was Anwar right all along?

Don’t forget to check out the latest Yell.com blog post called “Miscarriage of justice in Scottish terror case“, which concerns the decision of the High Court of Justiciary sitting as an appeal court in the case of Mohammed Atif Siddique v. HM Advocate.

In brief – the appeal court has determined that not only did Lord Carloway incorrectly suggest that Aamer Anwar was guilty of contempt of court for his criticism of the jury’s decision, but that he (Lord Carloway) had misdirected the jury as well. So perhaps, Mr. Anwar’s criticism had some merit after all?

The case will call again later in February to allow the Crown Office to decide on a possible fresh prosecution, but in the meantime you should feel safe(r) to download the Anarchist Cookbook without fear of prosecution. Just don’t try any of the recipes.

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