School Play Photo Bans Shouldn’t Stand

My latest blog is all about taking photos at school shows. In recent years some Councils have tried to ban the practice altogether on spurious data protection or child protection grounds.

BBC Radio Scotland have discovered that there is no coherent policy across Scotland with some Councils making it up as they go along and others weighing in with lengthy policy documents. Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, Tam Baillie, has called on the Scottish Parliament to take the lead on some national guidance – so at last somebody’s talking some sense on the issue!

You can read more about this by reading the post: School show photos “legal minefield”.

I was at a primary school production of The Wizard of Oz recently (2nd row – loads of good photos) and the Head Teacher simply stood up at the front and asked the assembled audience “Does anyone object to photos being taken?” No-one was brave enough to raise their hand and it was a free-for-all after that!

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