Frank Maguire’s Tesco Cathedral Protest

Frank Maguire, senior partner at Thompsons Solicitors is a very well respected and senior figure in the Scottish legal world. He is quoted in today’s Herald, raising his concerns about the proposed introduction of Alternative Business Structures – otherwise known as “Tesco Law”.

He raises the spectre of the Mob or drug barons owning and running their own legal services operations, and using them to launder money (or worse). This is even more of a concern because, as he points out, the financial memorandum for the Legal Services Bill sets aside only a paltry £1,300 for criminal record checking.

Very real concerns, but how can the voice of reason make itself heard above the babble of everyday life? Well, if you believe the caption accompanying Frank’s photo in the Herald’s website, by organising a protest outside Westminster Cathedral! Slightly unusual choice, but it certainly caught my attention.

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