Vote Lib Dem get Tory?

Absolvitor isn’t really a political blog, but the election’s coming up, so we’ll probably stray a little from time to time. Up front, I’m a member of the Scottish Liberal Democrats and have been since I helped my friend Ian Binnie in the 6th year mock elections at Hermitage Academy (1992) and actually had to read the manifesto!

Anyway, I was amused to get a Labour leaflet through the door today with the slogan “Vote Lib Dem get Tory…”. To back up its claims, the leaflet had a list of “Local Councils Controlled by Tory-Lib Dem Deals”, which I though was a little strange given that it was delivered to my house, which is in the area of a local Council controlled by a Tory-Labour deal!!!

Obviously, Labour’s local campaign team have all had their irony glands removed! I’m probably still going to try the old “vote Lib Dem get Lib Dem” theory anyway.

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