Dundee Law School cream of the crop

Student readingThe latest Journal is out, together with my monthly web review, which this month covers the “big 5” law schools in Scotland.

But which one was the best?  For content, Edinburgh was “easily the best” with high-profile blogs Scots Law News and TechnoLlama being notable highlights.

And for good design, Dundee Law School’s website draws praise because it: “obeys the cardinal rule of telling people who you are and what you’re about before they get bored.”

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6 Responses to Dundee Law School cream of the crop

  1. Hector MacQueen says:

    Bit puzzled by this post, since the Journal article clearly says that the Edinburgh Law School website is “easily the best”.

  2. That’s a perfectly reasonable point, Hector. I am very inconsistent. I think that Edinburgh’s content is the best (easily), but that Dundee’s design was better. Mainly, I think I didn’t re-read my own review carefully enough!!

    In the words of Lewis Carroll’s Dodo: “Everybody has won, and all must have prizes!”

    Scots Law News continues to impress, by the way.


  3. Stuart Cross says:

    Thanks for the comments on the Dundee site. We have plans for content over the next few months which will follow up on some of your comments.

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