Sheridan seeks silk to sack

Breaking news (of the world):

Tommy Sheridan is searching for a QC to sack publically during his appeal against his conviction for perjury.

Friends said the former MSP and Scottish Socialist party leader was spending what he expects to be his last weekend of freedom for a long time hunting for legal representation so he can ostentatiously dispose of their services at a critical stage during the appellate proceedings.

Sheridan is to appear in court to receive his sentence after being convicted for lying on oath and is expected to be given a community service order lasting several hours – or possibly a lengthy jail sentence.

Mr. Sheridan opted to defend himself during the trial after sacking QC Maggie Scott at an early stage and he is now looking for senior counsel to represent him in the opening minutes of his appeal before casually abandoning them and going it alone once again.

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3 Responses to Sheridan seeks silk to sack

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  2. Perhaps next time Sheridan may see that an experienced QC may do a better job in court than himself. Nevertheless, such defence would probably rack up hundreds of thousands of pounds, so he may be justified refusing their services; sacking them mid-trial is a different matter altogether.

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