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The latest newsletter from the Scottish branch of NO2ID carries an article titled “Scotland’s Back-Door ID Card Battle”, which notes that the SNP were vigorous opponents of ID cards in opposition.

However, it goes on to suggest that the various forms of national entitlement card (e.g. Concessionary Travel Cards; YoungScot Cards) introduced under the previous Labour/Lib-Dem adminstration but continued enthusiastically under this one may be every bit as bad, linked as they are to a “Citizens Account” (unless card-holders explicitly opt-out). Citizens Accounts are records of personal information stored on a network of databases operated by Scotland’s 32 local authorities.

There are other concerns.  When used as a bus pass, personal information about the card-holder is transmitted to the bus operator and details of the passenger and journey are recorded and logged on central government databases.  There are also reports that schoolchildren have been told that they “must” apply for a card to buy school meals – or even to enter school premises.

With the Scottish Parliamentary elections fast approaching perhaps this is an opportunity to ask your candidates why the Government needs to know where your gran went on the bus, or what your son had for his school dinner?

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