Drumchapel Memories

So, here’s where I got started in law centres …

Look what I found while clearing out the spare room.  The good old Drumchapel Law & Money Advice Centre, where I was a student placement, then volunteer, then money adviser over a number of years.  Back in the days when I knew about social security law (a mystery to me now) and where I made my first baby steps into education law with a booklet on bullying.  That’s me at the back, looking young and dapper in my shirt-sleeves, if you’re wondering!

Jim Gray, who was the principal solicitor at the time, put a lot of faith in me and let me loose on small claims, social security Tribunals, legal research, articles and publications, real life clients, advice and assistance forms.  Without all that, I probably wouldn’t have got my traineeship.  Drumchapel is also where I worked alongside Nicola Sturgeon before she was second in command of the whole country.  I have a lot to thank DLMAC for and so I do so, publically, here and now.  Thank you DLMAC!

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