Referendum Franchise

Flag of the Commonwealth

Flag of the Commonwealth

So, we now know who gets to vote in the EU referendum. To summarise:

  • 16 and 17 year olds do not get to take part;
  • also, under 16s do not get to take part;
  • EU citizens residing in the UK do not get to take part;
  • unless they are from Malta, or Cyprus, or Ireland – then they do;
  • British ex-pats who moved away within the last 15 years do get to take part;
  • Commonwealth citizens in the UK also get to take part;
  • residents of Gibraltar may take part (unless they are monkeys);
  • residents of the Falkland Islands may not take part (even if they are penguins);
  • despite repeated warnings from the European Court of Human Rights, prisoners will not get to take part; and
  • SNP MSPs do not get to take part (if they also happen to be from France).

Hope that’s all clear?

This is, of course, in preparation for the promised in/out referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the Commonwealth, for which EU citizens will have the vote, but no Commonwealth citizens will.

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