UPDATE: democracy arrives at the House of Lords

A brief update as to the franchise for the EU referendum.  The franchise is based upon those eligible to vote in UK general elections – this is why EU citizens are not allowed to vote, even though they can vote in devolved, local and European elections.

However, for the EU referendum, members of the House of Lords (usually excluded from general elections) will be able to vote.

This is very important, as otherwise we would be deprived of the votes of the following persons:

  • John Sentamu, Archbishop of York;
  • Jeffrey Archer;
  • Floella Benjamin off of Play School;
  • Alan Sugar;
  • Karan Bilimaria, founder of Cobra Beer;
  • Sebastian Coe;
  • Lord Cameron of Lochbroom;
  • Julian Fellowes;
  • Tanni Grey-Thompson;
  • Lord Hope of Craighead;
  • Jack McConnell;
  • Helena Kennedy;
  • Andrew Lloyd-Webber;
  • Lord Sewel (of Sewel motion fame);
  • David Steel;
  • Jim Wallace; and
  • Baroness Warnock.
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  1. Patterson says:

    Within whose cheek is the tongue around this post?

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