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A Constitutional Convention?

The Lord Purvis of Tweed, otherwise known as Jeremy Purvis, was the MSP for Tweeddale, Ettrick and Lauderdale from 2003 to 2011. On Monday 1st June 2015, his Constitutional Convention Bill had its first reading in the House of Lords. … Continue reading

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UPDATE: democracy arrives at the House of Lords

A brief update as to the franchise for the EU referendum.  The franchise is based upon those eligible to vote in UK general elections – this is why EU citizens are not allowed to vote, even though they can vote … Continue reading

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Devolution in the UK

I have just sent off my submission to the Commons Select Committee on Political and Constitutional Reform in response to their inquiry on the future of devolution in the United Kingdom, in the light of the referendum result. The Committee’s … Continue reading

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House of Lords Reform Bill

“It so happens that if there is an institution in Great Britain which is not susceptible of any improvement at all, it is the House of Peers!” So says Lord Mountararat in Gilbert & Sullivan‘s classic light opera, “Iolanthe”.  But … Continue reading

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Bring back the belt!

An old chestnut, perhaps, but one which does have a habit of returning with unerring regularity.  The Herald reports that UKIP Scotland are calling for a return of corporal punishment to our schools, in an attempt to restore discipline and … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the House of Lords

Could changes to the House of Lords threaten the Commons’ legislative supremacy? Continue reading

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Harry Potter in the House of Lords

Cupboard under the stairs “not premises” Harry Potter fan art by Hakumo (http://hakumo.deviantart.com/) 10th February 2008 The House of Lords was recently (in the case of Majorstake Limited v. Curtis [2008] UKHL 10) called upon to consider the legal definition … Continue reading

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