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Devolution in the UK

I have just sent off my submission to the Commons Select Committee on Political and Constitutional Reform in response to their inquiry on the future of devolution in the United Kingdom, in the light of the referendum result. The Committee’s … Continue reading

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Nukes in a independent Scotland

I thought I’d take a look at the draft Independence Bill, and I will try to go through some of the more interesting aspects of it over the next few weeks. I’m starting with the nuclear question. Section 23 of … Continue reading

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Electoral Maths

“For more than half of my life, Scotland has been governed by parties we didn’t elect at Westminster..” Alex Salmond Well, it’s been some time since Scotland voted for a single party in significant numbers to say “we” elected them. … Continue reading

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Corroboration abolition opposed

Lords Cullen and Hamilton have given separate interviews making public their opposition to the Scottish Government’s proposed abolition of the requirement for corroboration in criminal trials in Scotland. I find it interesting that they gave separate interviews, each one supporting … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Future – Absolvitor’s Questions Answered

I have just finished a cursory scan of the White Paper “Scotland’s Future” which (at long last) answers some of the fundamental questions raised by this website answered: Q590. There will be no change in the constitutional position of the … Continue reading

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Syria, Chemical Weapons and International Law

After the UK Parliament narrowly voted against possible military intervention in Syria as part of a response to its recent chemical weapon use, I thought I would have a look at what the law says on the issue. So, was … Continue reading

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Falkland Islanders “Better Together”

Earlier this week, the denizens of the Falkland Islands voted by an overwhelming majority to remain as an overseas territory of the United Kingdom.  This result was not unexpected, but are there any lessons to be learned for our own … Continue reading

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Human Rights for the Commonwealth

So, the Queen today signed the new Commonwealth Charter, which for the first time in its 64 years history sets out a common vision, values and aims for the organisation, which represents one third of the world’s population. The document … Continue reading

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Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill

The Scottish Government have published their consultation on the draft Bill to introduce same sex marriage in Scotland.  The draft Bill is called the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill and it will be pored over in great detail, no … Continue reading

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Court Service’s Online Makeover

I note that the Scottish Court Service has indulged in an online makeover.  As far as I can make out, the content remains the same.  The presentation and navigation is much improved, although I don’t really care for the automatic … Continue reading

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