Narnia no More

The World Intellectual Property Organisation have ruled that the domain name should be transferred from the Edinburgh couple who bought it for their son to use for e-mail to the C.S. Lewis Company.

The family have been quoted as saying: “It should have been pretty straightforward. They had to prove that we had made a bad faith purchase, that we had been using it to make money. We provided very clear statements from the internet registration company saying that we had not tried to make any money and yet somehow it has just simply ignored the evidence.”

To look on the bright side, they still have,, and – which presumably came as part of a package with and

In the judgement, significant reliance was placed upon the fact that the family had, following the complaint by the estate of C.S. Lewis, purchased the domains and This move was viewed as evidence of bad faith on their part. You can read the decision here: C.S. Lewis (PTE.) Ltd. v. Richard Saville-Smith (Case No. D2008-0821).

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  1. Jennie says:

    Scott Vine has a very good post on that case here:, poor innocent family, who, as you’ve pointed out, bought a LOT of .mobi domains…sure, the Narnia one might have been for a gift, but why keep it for two years before giving it if so? Is an 11th birthday more important than a 9th or 10th? Methinks that was never really the plan anyway…

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