Primary School Maths

News of an impressive brace of court victories in placing request cases for the Govan Law Centre was reported far and wide today. Thank you – you’re very kind.

Court case throws key policy on class sizes into chaos (The Herald)
Why class sizes are the new West Lothian Question (The Herald)
We felt it was unfair because we couldn’t get into the school (The Herald)
Landmark case “could jeopardise class size plans” (ATL – the education union)
Mother wins case to send child to school of choice (Scottish Legal)
Court action casts doubt on class size policy (The Journal Online)

So, three cheers for the Education Law Unit!

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2 Responses to Primary School Maths

  1. Oliver Smith says:

    That’s some pretty impressive work there!

  2. Absolvitor says:

    Why, thanks very much. Interesting legal points raised, too.Iain :o)~<><

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