In the same week as the European Court of Human Rights decided that the retention of DNA data by police forces in England & Wales was unlawful (Scotland already had legal limits on DNA retention) comes the disturbing news that the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration has been disclosing personal details of vulnerable children (such as where and with whom they are now living) to … the very people the SCRA are supposed to be protecting the children from.

Exposing Scotland’s most vulnerable children to serious risk of violence, on at least 12 occasions in the past year, secret addresses of children taken from their parents and given new homes for their own safety were accidentally passed to their abusive or neglectful birth parents.

SCRA have admitted their mistake and issued an apology (for all the good that will do anyone). This sort of thing has happened once too often with government bodies for me to describe it as “unbelievable”, but this surely represents staggering new depths of incompetence?

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