My first Sheriff-Principal case

In this poast (sic), I just wanted to bring you up to date with my latest court outing, which just so happened to be an exciting, adventurous and – above all – victorious jolly to the Sheriff-Principal in Glasgow and Strathkelvin (my first). Extra gratifying as little ol’ me from Govan Law Centre was up against the might of counsel.

It was a disability discrimination case (against an independent school) and the decision says some interesting things to say about where the onus lies in terms of the reasonable steps duty (largely with the school, as it turns out). It also confirms that a failure to take reasonable steps might lead to an exclusion being overturned – even if the decision to exclude does not amount to less favourable treatment.

You can read the full judgement here: ES. v. K. School. And you can post your congratulations in the comments box below! ;o)

Posted on Absolvitor: Scots Law Online.

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