HMIe investigate support unit

An additional support needs unit at a school on Skye is to be investigated by HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) following complaints from parents, backed by Govan Law Centre.

Allegations include claims that one pupil was forced to do excessive levels of physical exercise, contrary to medical advice and that another was left to soil himself and then changed in a play area that was not designed for this purpose.

Parents of three children attending the unit at Portree High School contacted Govan Law Centre, which notified the Scottish Government through a statutory complaints mechanism. The Scottish Government has asked HMIE to visit the school to investigate the claims.

Solicitor Iain Nisbet felt the nature of the complaints was such that they should be referred to the Scottish Government.

He welcomed the action taken by ministers. “The legislation allows Scottish ministers to investigate and intervene in cases where there has been any breach of education law,”.

“Because we had been approached by a number of parents from the same school, we felt it was appropriate to alert the Scottish Government to these ongoing concerns.

“I am very pleased to see the prompt and effective response of the government and will await the report by HMIE with interest.”

A government spokesperson said: “Ministers have asked HMIE to visit the Portree High School special needs unit following concerns raised through the Govan Law Centre.”

Posted on Absolvitor: Scots Law Online.

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