Don’t wanna be an American idiot

I noticed this very funny exchange on Yahoo! Answers

Kerian asks “I live in scotland have a degree on law and wont move to the usa?
would be able become lawyer how would i get there would this be easy etc.”

Responses included:

  • “You’d need to learn how to spell & punctuate properly first.” (Powdered Toast Man)
  • “What kind of lawyer are you, who cannot ask a simple question?” (GEORGE B)
  • “Legal immigration makes the world go round, and you will be welcomed here.” (misswrite1)
  • “No we have enough greedy lawyers over here as it is;” (Michael)

Nice. For what it’s worth, Kerian, I’d recommend an aeroplane. Unless you really do mean you won’t move to the usa, in which case, probably just stay here then.

LOL, as I believe the kids are saying these days.

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